Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Citrus Twist, a very special week of 2014

I am very excited to show you week 14 of 2014.

this week was so special.

not because we had some incredible birthday parties.
we didn't. we had to keep it simple.

not because we had a lot of photos.
we didn't.

but we did celebrate.
with ice cream.

and cupcakes.
and favorite dinners.
and moments.

real, true, joyful moments.

and thankful children. 
really really thankful.

This girl turned 6.


This girl turned 11.


and together they created the cutest insert ever.

You may wonder what made me create such a bright colorful layout. And these girls are so bright and bold that it is reason enough, but this layout and insert were created with the super lush Citrus Twist April 2014 Sweet and Juicy PL Kit

besides stories, pictures and stitching everything I used to complete these is taken right from this jam-packed kit, which has a sweet price point, too.

(and be ready to find all sorts of inspiration)


Annette said...

I just found your blog... WOW what great things you make. Love your Project Life. Happy B-day with the 2 pretty girls.

Amie Lamm-Griffin said...

Gorgeous! Makes me want to leave my blues and aquas alone for a week! :)

mrshokim said...

Love your layering! Happy birthdays to your little ones!

Donya Luana said...

Oh my goodness! The colors and photos are fantastic. Beautiful pages and inserts!

Katie said...

This Project Life page is beautiful! I love the colors and pictures and how you captured the joy of the birthdays!