Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A List, A Purpose and Traditions....

Today I want to encourage you to think ahead and think with purpose.
 I have been thinking quite a bit about the upcoming holiday season,  and the celebrations and the traditions that shape what makes this season so memorable.
The older I am, the more years that pass, the more it all becomes clear to me. We need ties.
family ties.
friend ties.
faith ties.
and tradition ties.
we need moments we relive with people over and over that form bonds.
and grow our faith and our trust.
that grow an abundance of love
and a garden of hope.
even in the bitter snow.
and harsh winds of life.
So today I am going to give you five simple steps for starting and creating traditions in your family, your home or your life. They can be the simplest of things that leave the most magical impact.
Make a List
Go ahead. make a list. list every magical and meaningful moment that pops into your head.  DO NOT over think this part. Just grab a pad of paper and pen and let it flow. smoothly, effortlessly, maybe with some tears and maybe with smiles. but almost always there will be joy in the list.
now read it.
let it sink in. really deep.
Start with One Thing
Choose something on the list you can do right away. How would that look for you, your family, your friends, your special someone? What would you need? Where would you travel, of at all?  Make it as simple, yet magical as you can, but choose one and follow through. It may not feel all festive and wonderful the first time. It may even feel awkward and uncomfortable. New can be a hard thing. But Press On.
Spice it Up
The biggest key to continuing the traditions is to add your "spice" to whatever you choose. You can keep your traditions you are building small and still add the spices of YOU to them. The key here is to remember that making it last is more about making it meaningful to you and worth your time and effort than the elaborate plans you could make. A tradition begins in the heart of the tradition maker and continues in the memory making and lands back in the hearts of all that have experienced it. The full completion of these traditions is in the repeating, but it starts in the heart.
Capture It. Document It
Capturing and Documenting can be the inspiration you need to press on. If you have beautiful photos and a simple scrapbook to look back at you will look forward to making those memories over and over again. They will be easier to keep.  Even writing a journal will help you to love back with love and look forward to the adventures ahead.
And here is where a lot of traditions die.  The only way to create traditions is by reliving the same thing twice. It cannot die after the first time. It needs to continue.
and you can do it. After all, you have 365 more days to plan it all over again!
Want a peek into a few of our traditions?
you can read more about these very purposeful traditions
with a little more detail.

this is a small sampling of some of the things shared over in the

Free Class

you can join

and a couple more pictures of that amazing kit I shared

I have so much more to share....

I cannot wait to come back.

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KimCreate said...

Oh my gosh! Thanks for the link from Facebook DD to your blog. The kit you are using is fabulous! And I tlike your traditions list. Altho my kids are grown I'm going to try a few of your suggestions. Ya know, they still LOVE me to read them a christmas story book to them and they are 31 and 29 years old!